Beyond Drift Day #3

Beyond Drift Day #3… yes this is hot. I am learning, a lot. The man from beyond set up a great course, with tones of transition, drivable from end to end sideways. You didn’t get a journal entry, but last week I learned to ride the clutch when I started running out of power. I came in this week, excited to continue developing this and doing even better things. Again… I learn so much every time out. Wish I lived at the track. I never needed my clutch. My thinking over the week prior spun around the fact that I spin fairly often. If I botch a run… it’s because I spin. In D1, and FD… if you spin your done. So I say to myself I need to learn some control.

Stolen Picture Alert!!!!!!!!

So last night, the focus was on keeping the angle low. This is something I really had no control over prior. I just would just go sideways and try and hold it out there. It took a few tries, but I was able to control my angle better as the day progressed. And I found a serious benefit to keeping the angle lower… speed. With stock motor, large angles really were slowing me down. Once I started trimming the angle things really started coming together.  Check out this run. (excuse the vintage camera and my previously mediocre driving)

Manji… nothing looks better than going down the straights back and forth and linking it into a corner. Something I worked on all night. Massively hard to time and distance properly, but when it works… OMG. You feel and look like a hero. So progress has happened. Only four track session ago I was probably one in four linking a couple of second gear corners. Now… pretty close to 100%. I used to have problems initiating before the corners, and now I can come in way earlier. And until two weeks ago… I was using crappy rear tires. Now I’m running the same thing on all four corners. 712’s Yo.

Now… if only I could perform once the crowd shows up.

The other people? There is some skill out there. I would say… I’m only average in Calgary. Guys like Devin, and the man from Beyond are… beyond me. And then there’s guys like Vickers (hurry up with your car man!) and Pat and Jeeves from STRD who put the fear in me too.

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