GZ20 Alignment

Time flies… has it really been a week since I last wrote? The CSCC opening auto-x event is tomorrow in Red Deer. Ryan and I spent a couple hours this week working on the GZ20, specifically the alignment. The car had been set up, by the shop that did the OPI initially, do factory specs. This meant about 0.5 degree negative camber, which just hasn’t worked. So as it sits now, we’ve got about 3 degrees up front, and around 3.5 in the back. The rear tires where being absolutely obliterated! Who knows how it’ll work… Ryan isn’t really one to care so much. Maybe these settings will be tweaked later. Now… since auto-x isn’t really a big priority, and since my views on alignment settings for drifting have changed very dramatically recently; toe and caster were not changed significantly. Maybe I’ll write more on this later.

Despite auto-x not being a big priority at the moment, Ryan has given himself a very lofty goal for tomorrow’s event: win SM. That means beating a couple well prepared cars… on race rubber. If I was to think about such things, I would say to myself, “meh… forget it… just go out and have fun.” Ryan always seems to have the attitude the anything is possible, and I will declare right now that if anyone can do it, then Ryan can. He is GOOD. And I myself… I really am just going out to have fun. Andrew’s coming too to sit behind the wheel of the 86.

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