First Timed Auto-x 2005 – GZ20 and Zenkei Coupe

Well, first solo2 event over. AutoX is not foremost in my mind this year but I can’t seem to show up to an competition accepting that I am not going to win. Well, i certainly didn’t win this time. I’m not sure exactly who was running in my class but I did not beat any of the drivers I set as markers for myself. Skinny rear tires with over 3deg negative camber, don’t do well to put power down on corner exit. Spinning tires on exit was definitely my biggest problem to overcome and I couldn’t do it. The federals still had plenty of lateral grip but I couldn’t figure out the the non-linear power delivery with the lack of rear grip under boost. It was a disapointing day in general and I hate to admit that I may have to accept that I will simply not be competitive this year in the Soarer. The biggest disapointment is still the fact that I didn’t even drive the car as fast as it could go.

Quentin of course didn’t seem too bothered by our getting beat…which is probably I good attitude this year that I should try to adopt.  Of course, Quentin also had a great grip run to close the day that at least proved to me we could come close to some of our markers dispite the street rubber and other excuses. Enuf about autocross now, next event is a semi private drift practice that could lead to more drift events this summer. – R

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