Picked up a JZA Torsen diff for the GZ out of desperation after discovering the OEM Clutch LSD was useless. Not ideal for drifting but can’t be any worse then open. One day I’ll cave and pick up a Kaaz unit but Vegas vacation says it’s won’t be this month. Third time with the rear end in an out, barely a couple of hours now…still never want to do it again. On the way home, diff whines like my five year old when I take the Gamecube away…lovely. Least it will keep me company on the drives to Red Deer and Edmonton.

Tentatively sold the Farmas as part of the Torsen deal, new 16×8/9 Volks to replace them should be arriving on tomorrow. Look for pics of those in a future post.

June 2nd is bearing down and AngleFactory’s first event should be a telling one. Is there a fledging drift community waiting to bust out in Alberta? If you’ve ever wanted to drift but have caught yourself saying, “I cant’ go, I never tried it before”, or “I want to try it but I’ll just go watch first,” stop making excuses, head to AngleFactory and get to our next event. We are hoping for an event every month til it snows.

Tomorrow is some sort drivers search event by D-Sport in Edmonton. No idea what Andrew has planned but we will be making the trip to support him.

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