GZ20 – Sold

Soarer is now gone. I had an good offer over a month ago that eventually fell through. That had got me weighing the pros and cons of keeping the car and I had come to the decision that selling made the most sense at this time. I officially put the car for sale and it’s gone to another Toyota nut who wants it for what it was meant for.

In return for the GZ20, QRGarage has obtained (among other things) hachiroku number 8 and 9. One of these will become Qs winter toy and the other our temporary track bitch until the Coupe is complete…it’s going away for a little something

Almost upon us is Angle Factory #2. It’s already the middle of summer and there’s Weeks to prepare…no more excuses. Get your car ready and get you ass out there 🙂

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