SCN and Fish Emulation

This is busy.

Last weekend was SCN, and my car made it’s first show appearance in the Speedtech booth. With work, and the fact that this was only a one day show, I didn’t really get much out of the event. It was nice to spend a little bit more time with the guys at STRD though. I’m a big fan of that shop, and am very proud to have their support and input both in preparing my car, and AngleFactory events. Thanks Will, Nick, Pat and Jeevs.

Fish Emulation, AF event 2, was last night. I didn’t get to drive much again, but even still I learned a little bit. Since I watched Hot Version Vol. 41, one of my favorite things in drifting has been a nice smokey lock up of the inside front wheel on entry. Turn one of our simple course was a left off the front straight of the oval into the infield. Entry speed for me was right near 75kph, feint right a little and clutch kick while staying on full throttle. Then once large angle developed, nearing my clipping point, but looking to push way wide of my exit, move the right foot over to the foot brake to tighten up the line… and lock up the left front. Rad. And I could do exactly what I wanted 9/10. Hopefully I’ll have some pics to demonstrate soon.

But it took me a little while to find the courage for that. With a concrete wall on the inside, and a pole on the outside I was having a hard time committing… meaning I’d bale out and grab the brake before I made real angle to straighten out and end the slide.

The last corner of our course… I never saw anyone clear, but I came close while setting up course. It was a long decreasing radius right entered straight on at about the top of 2 again. When I did get it, it was only after going off twice in a row (once on the outside, and then on the inside. The road was quite narrow with a damaging object right on exit. Again, the commitment required was unnerving. Any less than max speed on entry, and you run out of juice on exit.

I know I still have a long ways to go, but my style has very obviously become that of a max speed attack. I don’t ever want to lift before the corner, if I manji, my foot stays flat on the floor, and if I come straight in, it always starts with a clutch kick and my right foot shaking on the floor. This is something breed out years with a very tired and stock largeport. I wonder what will happen when that powertrain changes happen.

Hopefully it’ll do nothing expect fix all the bad things about my driving, like inconsistency, and the inability to clear the high speed stuff. Maybe we’ll find out on June 1.

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