2006 Season End? 1

One more year has ended… or close to it. This Saturday, September 2nd, marks the last D-sport competition of the year, and the Monday following is the last CSCC auto-x of the year. At least that’s the official stuff, but following are numerous fun events that benefit from fall weather, or at lest that’s how I think.

Either way, my mentality right now is that the season is over, and if I should not drive my car again after this weekend, that would be fine. All in all, it has been a complete disaster. There were three Angle Factory events, the details of which I can’t even remember. I think I went to four or five local auto-x’s. Something was missing… or something new was present… I didn’t learn a thing. I feel like I was a better driver last year. I certainly had a lot more money last year. Buying back a car I never sold doesn’t do finances well.

All these things have left me kind of bitter about car life. If someone would buy my car and give me at least half my money back, it’d be gone. A new living situation has changed my outlook drastically. I’m planning a long vacation, which is something I’ve never done before. I’m realizing that life is moving on even though my dreams have not. My job sucks, girls are expensive, and even though I’m content going to my grave one billion dollars in the whole… maybe at some point I actually have to think about other people.

All these things, I want to tell you about… but really… I feel no need to be so intimate with the hundreds of you who visit this site every month. So… maybe I should just shut this place right down. I’ve been thinking about it. If the 86 disappears… maybe that’s exactly what will happen.

I’m not angry… maybe a little wobbly… definitely hungry. This is not me wavering again and being fickle. This is cold and hard. The blue car stays no matter what. The nice engine parts I just bought, stay. I love 86. I love driving, and thus I love drifting. But… maybe you won’t see me for a while.

Well… that’s unlikely… because no one really WANTS to drive 86 anymore. Nobody will buy mine.

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One thought on “2006 Season End?

  • Q

    “The blue car stays no matter what. ”

    WTF happened to that. Too often, I’m too kind for my own good.