All-Weather Monster Born

RNN14 was out of commission for a couple days while I waited for a new outer tie-rod end. Took a couple tries to get the right part… finally went to Brasso and learned that 95 Sentra’s share the same tie-rod ends. Easy fix. Car is back together.


It snowed on the 27th… hard. With studded KW19’s my car is monstrous, but still it was icy enough that even in 3rd gear the whole car starts moving around as all four tires are spinning. Fourth gear… I dunno. 3rd gear is in range of 150km/h… I don’t have the balls.

With snow on the ground, finally the soft suspension starts to make sense. It rolls and feints nicely, but still 4wd is really tricky on exit. The car accelerates hard even if the tires aren’t really hooking up. Steering work seems like it needs to be 3x speed… and I’m not there yet. I had two encounters with a rural ditch. Luckily this car seems tough enough to take it, and 4wd gets you out no problem. In the end, my gutter drops turned into full car width short cuts. Tough.

The car is unbelievably fast when the roads suck. You wanna pull out and pass everything.

Bought a new camera today… look for some new pics soon.

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