Yearly Archives: 2007

Happy holidays… Coming to the realization that this might need to wind down. Or maybe it’ll just all change. Why do we drive low, stiff cars. We should be a country committed to Rally. Gravel and snow… I’ve gone rally crazy… it’s just so practical. Cars that can take beatings and go fast… anywhere. I’ve been preaching it for a […]

Happy Holidays

Winter auto-x number 2. Wow this puts a beating on cars. Andrew’s Legacy isn’t bomb proof by any means… but it’s a Subaru, and because of that… it has a lot going for it in terms of being ready for this serious action. Nevertheless… it definitely left the lot on Sunday, a different car than when it came. Sounds like […]

Rally-X Again

Running the BC6 in Gravel and SnowWinter auto-x was solid. Andrew's driving has come a long way... and he made me really worried. I think he even beat me in the morning. No disrespect to Andrew... but there's just a huge advantage that comes with all my extra experience, and even though I'm using his daily driver, I feel like I shouldn't have any problems putting a better time down. False. Given that neither of us have done anything competitive in motorsports for almost a year... it was challenge enough just to get into the mindset of going fast. Walking the course seemed more like routine than something useful in the end. We just couldn't think about the typical dilemmas faced at auto-x. Some guys will say... "competition... at winter auto-x?" [...]

Back to Gravel and… Snow

Almost one month later. Serious discontent. Chris and Frenchy have gone to D1 All Stars… Masaharu is trying to get his license… and I’m on pause. All these other things I’ve said… are a result of my realizations of what is possible and feasible… not a result of what my real dreams are. Snow on the roads and a RWD […]

Other People’s Car Life

It’s not Ryan’s style, and I can’t even really commit to being there with him… but the recent adoptation of SCCA solo 2 rules by the WCMA has me thinking hard about an STS2 prepared AW11. For me… not only is it a really easy car to build, it’s also a car that I think could be winning… and if […]

AW11 For Serious Solo 2

The mundane… the grind. We’re talking about a move. It’s not as though life in Calgary is bad… but we always imagine better for ourselves. Nippon land?? The idea of living in Japan is exciting and scary for me. I don’t even know where to begin… I have a desire for adventure… but I wonder… for how long would it […]