Rally-x Tomorrow

Gearing up for rally-x tomorrow. Installed some Sparco mudflaps, and gave the undercarriage a second coating of rubber. It’s amazing how much those two things quiet the car down on an ugly road. The front mudflaps are a pretty hard tune set up though. They’re only about 1cm off the ground which means they rub and scrape everywhere. I should have put them a little bit higher, but I want the most efficiency out of them. I’m not into rock chips. They stick about 1″ from the body, front and back. The rear ones don’t have to do so much more to protect the car though. There’s basically no rear over hang. I also didn’t want the rear ones low, because they can get caught in the tire and ripped off when backing up, a lot easier than the fronts can. So as you can see… the rear ones sit a lot high, which somehow helps create a raked look.

In addition, I rigged my hand brake up so it doesn’t lock. I’m so used to having a spin turn knob, and I’m not used to using my left hand on that lever so I need all the help I can get. I also replaced the stock leather shift knob with a gigantic B&M ball that must weigh 1kg. Heavy balls are the business. Doesn’t look as nice though (it’s the only shiny thing in the interior), and it’s damn cold to the touch too.

Somehow… my turbo timer stopped working… which is really gay.

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