Gravel FTD

In the Pits at Rally-x - RNN14

Rally-x today. I told Andrew that if I beat him I’d be happy. I always downplay my cars. Truth is, the Pulsar has 100hp more, and studded tires, which probably did a whole bunch on a couple major ice spots on the course.

Both of us had a lot to learn about driving. The morning runs were full of ugliness… in fact… I didn’t get a clean run all day…

But even with one cone, I managed the FTD.

Believe it. The car is fast. Never was my driving great… but driving that car today was like using a sledge hammer to kill an ant. It’s a brutal blunt weapon.

STi’s bow down. Evo drivers… talk about doing demo runs, and then disappear.

And don’t come back next time… because I learned a whole lot and it’s only going to get worse.

Tearing it Up.  Tight lines are very important.

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