Pulsar is Gone.

Pulsar’s gone. Whatever.

Stop sending me emails to tell me I’m whipped. You don’t even know what that means. I’ve done my thing and it’s time to move on. These have been easy decisions… I’m sad to be leaving, but if you knew what I was trading it all for…

AE86 is still hanging around. It might stay… we’ll see how things go. I really have grown to love that car, despite all the things that it is not. Trading it in for 1/3 the cash I’ve put into it just doesn’t seem right. But the right person can have it cheap. Love it. Cherish it. Drive the hell out of it…

Buy it.

Going to rally-x tomorrow in the BC6. I’ve got something to prove now. I hope the snow melts, cause Andrew’s not studded.

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