The Real Hashirya 1

Think the ghetto budget married car life is no different than the boro broken student car life? Think again. Here are some ideas and considerations for those of you who are so deep in the hashirya lifestyle that you have at one point called yourself a “lonely driver” in regards to your life’s plight. This is one more area, where we who pursue driving dreams, can look to the Japanese for advice. If you want to be a driving hero… don’t try and be some girls hero too… cause they don’t mix.

In Japan, hashirya are hashirya, and nothing else, whether they are 18 or 50. Furthermore, every guy in Japan I ever met and talked cars with, claimed either no interest in girls, or fond memories of their car lives BEFORE they got married. Yah… it’s that hard.

Respect the handicap that guys like me are facing.

Not that I have any regrets mind you… I NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT’S PERFECTLY CLEAR.

Here’s the thing about boro broken student car life… sure your broke, but absolutely everything else is going for you. You’ve got all this time and energy… and no responsibility. Want a new engine? Student Loan. Tires? Suspension? Student Loan. Gotta overhaul your car? There’s time after class. There’s time before work. Stay up all night and crawl into bed smelling like KAAZ… or just crash on the concrete floor with some encouragement from that crossmember. Buy wheels and wheels and shiftknobs and wheels… don’t go buy jeans and dishes, and curtains and couchs. Rack up the biggest debt possible… because what does it matter? Your just going to drive into the guard rail tomorrow night and kill yourself anyways… and if you don’t, you’ll be one step closer to being a real driving hero, and when you make it that far, there will be no looking back… not for anything, not for anyone.

Are you getting this? This was my boro broken student car life. If you think it’s a little extreme.. then it’s no wonder you always fall so far OTB…

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