Seat Rail

Drivers side seat rails are 90% done. It was really easy… and I was half way done before I even started. As I mentioned earlier, I was able to use the inside rail from my AE86, and only had to make one for the outside. Both of my old AE86 rails actually fit on the car, but they were spaced a little bit too far apart for my seat. Or rather… the outside rail was a little bit too far outside. The pictures show that it wasn’t really a hard thing at all. My rails aren’t anything fancy that’s for sure… but… they’ll work. You’ll notice, I reinforced the original AE86 rail by welding on some more steel to give it an L shape. I’ll do that again… and… I’ll pull off a bunch of unnecessary material on the new fat one… which doesn’t need to be so fat in so many places. Paint and done… Passenger side should be as easy… but it’s not a priority right now.aw11_seatrail_aaw11_seatrail_b

I mentioned before that I trimmed the floor a little bit to get my seat as low as possible. That’s pictured now. What was Toyota doing… throwing ballast inside? That grey piece on the right is seriously a solid piece of metal that must weigh close to 10 pounds. Weird. If Toyota stuffed stuff like this inside all the little secret places on this car… than it’s no wonder it’s so… FAT.


I’ve decided this car is going to take me a long time. I hope I can be driving it sometime mid-summer. Not that there is that much to do… it’s just that time is minimal.

Plus… I’m starting to realize AE111 20V could be… cheap, and… REALLY REALLY GOOD. But I’ll probably just run the oil burner… if only DCOE’s were cheaper…

I hate electric stuff.

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