AW11 Culture

Geez I’m here a lot lately.

First off… I made the claim at some point that the AW11 might have an even greater community than the AE86. I thought this because of places like, and many other large sites dedicated to the MR2. I was kind of shocked when I first found these places, and was overwhelmed by their size, and the number of them…

But after six months of poking around them… THEY ALL SUCK.

Not that they are all useless… it’s just that compared to online AE86 communities, they lack. They lack guys involved in motorsports, they lack guys who do innovative things, they lack cool cars. They might fool you with forums dedicated to “aerodynamics” and “rally”… but those forums are dead. Most of the talk revolves around cheap coilovers, the classic… which 4AG is best? …and general model propaganda. Sure there are a few guys who do it right… I’m not ragging on all MR2 owners… but it’s my feeling that generally the MR2 has sucked in more poseur wannabe car enthusiasts than other communities just because the MR2 looks and feels like more of a sports car than other neighboring cars.

I was surprised recently however, to find a number of really nice Japanese AW11 sites… guys doing interesting things, and really thinking about details. I found a couple new crazy pictures too… maybe sometime I’ll show you. In Japan though, it still looks like the AW has a very small following, but in such a car crazy nation, your guaranteed to see a lot more than lowering springs and mufflers. I’ve put a few of these sites on the links page… check them out if your so interested.

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