For Reasons of Nostalgia

Anglefactory was a faculty that Ryan and I put together in 2005 and 2006 for organizing drift practices.  I think I was always entirely honest about it, and said that we were doing it entirely so that WE had a venue for drifting.  It looked like no one else was really interested in doing the legwork to get things going, and since we already had experience organizing auto-x’s and even a few lapping days, it seemed logical that it be us.

It wasn’t really fun.  95% of the drivers were great though… actually probably all of the drivers were great.  I remember having a great time at every event.  But behind the scenes, things were tough: problems with venues and cashflow were expected… but we didn’t expect a different organizer to emerge and try and quash us.  It was pretty lame… but I don’t really want to discuss.  In 2006 Ryan dropped out… I lasted three events, the final of which was held in secret as a birthday party for myself.

Five years later… I’ll give props to the guys who made it so enjoyable that we would have packed it up and quit after probably only one event without them.  You know who you are.

And so… as a gift to those who remember… who built the bandwagon…

Here is the old Anglefactory site… up and un-edited.

I really did put a lot of time into Anglefactory… sweet event poster… even if it doesn’t make any sense.

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