Kei Truck Love

I honestly don’t understand how Canadian’s can find love for Kei trucks… but none for Kei cars.  Compromises in power and space are accetable when your out hunting or running trails, but ti’s not on your daily commute?  Can’t say I quite identify… but Kei trucks are cool.

Subaru Sambar

We came across this thing on our recent run.  If you know your Kei trucks you’ll identify it as a Subaru Sambar.  And the tracks?  Well… I originally told Ryan that they were a factory available part.  I thought I’d seen it somewhere… but in looking to confirm that, I found no support of that claim.  Lots of companies are making kits to convert your Kei truck however.  Though I’m not sure how any thing like that is actually practical to own… unless you are BIG FOOT himself.

But then… there are other issues… which I identify with quite well.

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