Co-drove at auto-x yesterday with Ryan in his SW11.  It’s nice to have actually been able to drive again… I didn’t REALLY manage to keep pace.  As I’ve said before, a half a second at auto-x is way OTB… and compared to Ryan I was that far back or further.  I’ll blame only a small chunk of that on the car… but only because it’s unfamiliar to me.  The car otherwise was spectacular.  It’s well balanced and forgiving.  The engine and brakes work about as well as a turbocharged engine, and non-ABS brakes can.  Making 2-1 downshifts well though, requires a certain familiarity… as does guessing the track of your 275mm tires mounted on 10J rims.

But these are not excuses.

I did however realize again and again… all day… when that Miata pulled up behind me on the way in, when the stock S2000 ran as fast as me driving the monster car, when people talked Corolla smack to me…

I should be in an AE86.  My AE86.

It’s currently apart though… I started something that I’ve been meaning to detail but haven’t gotten around to.

And the ZJ died electrically last night… which wouldn’t have been a big deal two years ago… but now with a baby in the back, being stuck on some rural highway is NOT cool.

… priorities…  The ZJ has kind of been neglected with all the love already over flowing in my life.

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