Fickle 1

The hell does that mean really?  I’m tired of being called it.

Drivers side Recaro is in.  I made sliders… they aren’t pretty, but they work.  I should photograph it… but when it’s minus 25 I don’t have motivation.  The seat is mounted LOW.  It couldn’t be any lower really.  When it’s all the way back, the bottom of the seat brushes the floor.  I actually had to mod my bracket to lift the seat up, because I wasn’t clearing various things.

But it’s not good enough.

The seat itself is to blame.  That or… my height.

It’s barely lower than the stock seat.  Bottom mount seats with flat bottoms just don’t go that low.

And so… for a couple days I was back to being high on the stock buckets.  I was looking closely and taking measurements and figuring out how I could mount them lower than the Recaros.  Given that… I was back to invisioning a light tune AE86 on narrow wheels and tires with maybe even a child seat in the back.

And then I found a wicked deal on some real FRP buckets.  Puchase made.  The boat is going to take forever… but now I’m back looking at 8j minus wheels and engine swaps.

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