Making Seat Rails 5

drivers-rail-weldIf you’re looking for a “how-to” get disappointed.  If you have the tools then there is probably nothing I can show you.  Look at my welding getting better though… I think… for like 3″ at least.

drivers-rail-topThat’s the whole thing.  I made it out of 10 gauge bar and then boxed it for strength.  I don’t think I’d want to go any thinner.  The last set of rails I made, where made out of 8 gauge material… and while I didn’t box them, after a year or so they were not the shape I had intended.  The thinner material is way more fun to work with… and so I took my time and got it right.  They LOW.  You can see on the far side where I had to cut away material in the shape of the floor.  Why the AE86 floor can be flatter I don’t know… but it doesn’t bother me like it used to.

Done like this, I even had room to mount sliders… which means that you can probably drive my car.  This kind of makes me sad.  A fixed seat was a decent security measure against unwanted fun run requests, and maybe even theft… but watching Ryan, or others stuffing pillows and cushions into seats to move themselves up and forwards always made me sad.  The rails have a nice angle on them so moving forward also means moving up.

drivers-rail-seatThe seats are… super narrow however.  No fun runs if you’re fatter than me.  And since I’m a stick…

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5 thoughts on “Making Seat Rails

  • paulcorolla

    Nice man, good work.
    How is the recline? the hardest part I find is getting the seat back at a good angle.
    I’m also partial to a seat that only fits me, after all we build these cars for ourselves to enjoy!

    Its also cool to let a freind drive, get some seat of the pants tunning advice from a second source.

  • Q

    that’s a good point. My seats came with big L-shaped brackets that have multiple holes drilled in them and allow me to adjust angle that way. I like a pretty upright seat though… which is why it’s so important for me to get it LOW.

    PS. Affirmation from a guy like you is sweet. I’m slowly working up towards patching that rust under the bumper… I find it really hard not blow up thin gauge steel.

  • Vickers

    that seat is nice nice.

    i remember you sold your east bears the day after i went to ontario. This wound is still fresh after all these years…

  • Devin

    Remember when we made that bracket for you out of 1/8″. It didn’t go so well.

    All my brackets now weigh as much as the seat.