My Ruined Week

brokenzj3bThe weather has been AWESOME. 10 degrees celsius in March is as much as we can ask for. I had so much planned for my AE86 this week. It’s been a slow time at work, midterms are done. My AE86 was practically going to be on the road again.

But freaking ZJ got jealous and demanded attention. Lots of attention. Jeeps are not really known for reliability… but mine has actually been pretty good. In the two years we’ve owned it, the only thing I’ve HAD to replace has been the alternator. Until this week. In one day the Jeep went from fine, to totally dead. Started with front brake pads. They were fine maybe three months ago… but metal on metal on Sunday morning. No biggie. Pads are cheap. (Except that the reason they were metal on metal was a FUBARed caliper) But… within an hour of that observation, the truck started stalling and running like junk… and then… not running at all.

It’s a long story. I don’t want to explain everything. In the end, I was saved by the archives of, and discovered that my ECU had fallen OTB.  This was not until after I’d dumped $300 on other stuff however.  It wasn’t an easy diagnosis…  no spark one moment, no fuel the next.  I don’t really have any regrets, except that I spent all my spare time in the barn with a fat truck this week, and not my sexy naked hachiroku.

I’ll be pissed if it gets cold again now.

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