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nchkgrandcrossbargainDamn.  This is why spending time on yahoo auctions can be rewarding.  I bonked huge on this one.  If you don’t recognize the wheels, they are NCHK Grand Cross, sometime known as Revolver Grand Cross.  I have them listed as an extremely rare wheel.  This is the second full set I’ve seen this year.  Among AE86 purists they are actually fairly sought after, but only come in narrow 6J and 6.5J width.  This particular set is 14 6J +4(I know they’re listed as -4… but +4 is all I’ve seen prior).  A good size for a guy like me.  The tires are Advan A048, and look brand new as you can see.  I’d probably expect this set to sell for 40000円 or even more.  But of course, deals can always be found…

… and I found these by fluke, marked as unknown wheels for Skyline, 13 Silvia or Levin Trueno.  Not things I typically search for… and apparently no one else looking for them does either.  The whole set with brand new tires sold for 5500円, that’s about $60FWIW.  Here is the soon to be dead link as proof.  At 4AM when the auction ended… I couldn’t justify the wake up.

This after I just ordered Dunlop’s.  These would have been way cheaper… even after shipping and all that.

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