2010 SASC Event Schedule 2

SW11greyeagleThe Southern Alberta Solosport Club has released a solo event schedule for 2010.  You know I’m totally stoked… but quite torn between running serious in the SW with Ryan, and fun running the car I love.  It’s likely I won’t always have the opportunity to drive one of the fastest solo sedans in Canada.  Perhaps it’s an opportunity I can’t ignore.  More info on the SASC Website and the dead and boring forum.  See you nerds there… I know you rockstars can’t bear it.

May 8-9 @ Grey Eagle Casino
May 29-30 @ Grey Eagle Casino
July 10-11 @ Grey Eagle Casino
July 11 @ Lethbridge Exhibition Grounds
July 17 @ Grey Eagle Casino
July 25 @ Grey Eagle Casino
August 14 @ Grey Eagle Casino
August 28 @ Grey Eagle Casino
October 2-3 @ Grey Eagle Casino

The point here, if it’s not that you should come auto-x with me, is that you can expect to see less of me on this website than you may have come to expect.  It actually feels like summer is here.  Parts are rolling in.  The garage is full.  From now until mosquito season… is the perfect time to wrench.

Bah… Canada.

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2 thoughts on “2010 SASC Event Schedule

  • Devin

    That’s like 5 min away from my house. I’ll bet my car could even drive that far before breaking down.

    I would love to come out with my beast, but I would probably be beat by everyone with 100hp.