It Was Worth It 1

05-28-05As much as I hate driving my car around on the streets, it is inconceivable how much I love it through pylons. I was not fast, but the car is pretty damned close to perfect.  I could really spend a lot of time dissecting it, and I will…  later.  (ha)  This is just a tease and exclamation of relief.  The pictures are from Ian Gulinao’s selection, who was looking pretty fantastic himself in a JCE10.

05-28-04Andrew showed as well and drove the BC6.  I had offered him the 86, but in the end it’s a good thing he declined, because mechanical difficulties prevented the Corolla from finishing the day.  Have you actually seen the BC?  Probably always in low light.  It’s aesthetics are certainly impactful, and so was Andrew’s driving.  I at least, felt like he and I were pushing a lot more than the other drivers, and that’s probably why we weren’t really fast.

Although… I know I had more fun than anyone else.  It’s a fact.

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