ct20byah.  There is a piece missing.  That pretty much confirms Mr. 3SGTE ate something he shouldn’t have.  The important detail of the compression test was cylinder 1 being about 60psi under 2-3-4.  Time for a new heart.  Shoaib at JDM Source has hooked us up with a complete ST205 3SGTE.  He’s pretty much awesome everytime I talk to him, and he even remembered me after like five years being out of the game.  The car and motor will arrive at Kuks Shop early next week.  If all goes well, Ryan will miss only a few local events, and none of his “qualifier” events for the SCCA Nationals in Lincoln.

The sad thing… besides all the $$ spent… is that such things make us all wonder about why we drive old modified cars?  Ryan’s substitute ride, one ASP Lotus Exige, does little to help the kyuu-sha cause.

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