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IMG_1566Yes it’s back.  There is a new engine in place, along with a race weight flywheel and six puck un-sprung clutch.  Beyond that… you should notice the gigantic 10″ wheels and 275’s are gone, in favour of some higher offset 9’s in the back (still shod with 275’s) and 8’s in the front with 225 rubber.  If you recall my post about vehicle width a couple months ago… this is what it was all about.  The SW11 is now 4″ narrower.

Unseen, are new Koni double adjustables on all four corners, but you will see the new wing on the back.  A front splitter is next on the list…    …But before that, Ryan is on the road to Packwood, WA for a couple weekend of Pro Solo followed by a National Tour Event.

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3 thoughts on “Revived

  • randedge

    Very awesome.

    One question: Where is the wing mounted? Stock mounting points on the trunk? Or right on the rear waistline itself? If the latter, I didn’t know that was legal. Finally, was there a reason he didn’t go wider? Maybe it’s the angle of the photo, but since I thought the width limit was that as long as it’s not wider than stock bodywork, that looks narrow.

  • Q

    it’s about as wide as the bodywork. I’m not sure what the rules allow… but I’m sure this is the best size, at least of what was available. It is not mounted on the trunk, but on the neighboring uni-body. Again… aero rules are typically pretty far from my interest.

  • R

    They are dual 55″ APR CF Wing elements. Yes, I’m giving up some maximum width but it’s what was availble right now. The bigger elements no longer available.