It is too expensive. 1

I dunno… not that I’m really complaining.  I’m so far out of drifting that my feedback has practically ZERO value.  But I checked out what was planned for this year… thought I might try and make a couple practices.  It’s true that week nights might work a little better for me than weekends… but 2011 prices are slated to be more expensive than 2010’s $50 entrance… ON THE OVAL…

That seemed expensive, so I wondered what I charged people back in the day at Anglefactory: Forty dollars for most, and thirty for the odd guy who had a CSCC or affiliate membership… ON THE ROAD COURSE!  Even in 2006, the oval was barely usable.  I’ll admit now… I often got a few dollars out of it, but would have felt like it was a waste of my time if it weren’t for some personal time on the track before everyone showed up.  Organizing DOES SUCK… especially for often delinquent drifters, while RCMP isn’t exactly easy to deal with. I’d way rather pay to play than get paid some meager sum while absorbing so much myself.

BUT NO, I will not be showing up to practice on the oval for $sixty.

Auto-x is like $30 and offers a helluva lot more seat time than it did in years past.

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