Daily Archives: March 30, 2011

Actually… this only took me about 20minutes to put together.  Anyone else would give you the obligatory close up shot of nice bead… but no way I’m embarrassing myself by doing that.  My fear of pinhole leaks necessitates multiple passes on occasion.  Meh.  It looks well enough from a distance, and will be fine once painted.  Not like I’m building […]

A Days Work


I’ve been waiting a long time to view the Japanese documentary “Senna” produced more than a year ago and it looks like there are finally quality versions of it online.  There are currently no plans to release it in North America, so gobble gobble gobble!!  Find a torrent HERE.  I’m hosting corresponding English SUBTITLES HERE.  Drag the unzipped .srt subtitle […]

Senna (2010)