Fancy Lights 2

gaugesI think this picture looks good…for something to come off an iPhone… I might have to come make another camera purchase.  The doors on the barn have finally unfrozen (half at least) and I let the car sit and idle while I once overed all the bolts and tweaked the alignment in preparation for being out on the road this weekend.  A few notes…

1.  With 305cc/min injectors I was expecting a super rich idle.  My expectation for an unmodified car would be somewhere between 12.0 and 13.0:1, and I planned on having to tweak the AFM’s idle by-pass in order to get back into this range.  After about ten minutes of warm-up and hunting around, the revs held solid at 900rpm and with the AFR fluctuation between 13.5 and 13.6.  I’m not sure what that implies…

2.  My camber plate modifications gained me about 1.5 degree of positive camber.  That’s a good thing… and gives me a range of -3.5 to negative well of my gauge.  One difficulty is that that extra range means a lot less tire clearance, especially when combined with wider rubber.  I’m not afraid of the baseball bat, but it will take a pretty extreme roll and pull.  It also means I’ll probably have to add 5mm+ of spacer on the rear just to balance the look.  I already complained last year that the car looked like an arrow, but at the time wasn’t interested in using the Easton on the rear.  I’ve mutilated the car enough now that I have no concerns in that regard.

3.  Someone emailed and said that I need to remove the SL-OW decal from my front cover now that I have a turbocharger.  Make no mistakes… THIS IS NOT A FAST CAR.  SL-OW is still appropriate, and maybe even more so than before.  I’m not going hunting… and if I’m honest, part of the reason why there is no intercooler, is the IMAGE it conveys.  I am so vain.

4.  How do I get a green LED in my boost gauge?

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2 thoughts on “Fancy Lights

  • Neil

    My princess auto boost gauge lets me flip between 7 candy colors, including green, lol

    Idle should be on the rich side, I believe I was seeing a little over 14 stock. The ecu has compensated as much as it can for those bigger injectors, I have no idea what your target should be given the circumstances but I’m guessing you might need it a little richer yet, at least for a safe starting point.

  • Neil

    just paint your intercooler black, get it on their and get it over with….. Intake temps and high compression is possibly one of the worst combinations