I’ll Get Tired Of This?

AE86-day1Shake Down.  Got the car out on the road this afternoon.  I should have recorded the drive… because I was so elated it would have been a noteworthy video.  The car actually sounds turbo-charged.  Somehow I didn’t think it would be so pronounced given my low boost level.  Wrong.  AFR’s seem safely rich 9-10:1  WOT although I never let the boost gauge get past 4 or 5.  Tuning will be done later.  My ignition timing is still almost fully advanced even, although I did at least make sure to fill it up with some 94.  It certainly has a LOT more grunt than it used to… at least from like 2500-5000rpm.

The whole point of my drive was to…
A.  Make sure the car wasn’t going to catch on fire.
B.  Make sure the brakes actually worked.
C.  Set the alignment.

Basically… none of those items really passed, and I have work to do.  There was no fire, but I do have a small oil leak.  Appears to be coming from either my sandwich plate… or my oil drain fitting on the pan.  The brakes work.  No booster feels awesome, but it will take some time to find the right setting on my Willwood proportioning valve. The alignment feels pretty good… but my tools do not work very well with bulging tires.  I guess that’s one reason why I should be stretching like everyone else.

More work will be done… but that oil leak, at the least needs to be resolved before any real jaunts.

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