Back in Black 3


This has actually been fun.  I’ve learned a lot.  It’s back together, and I’ll see if it runs shortly.  You’ll notice I’m now using a large port head.  I even kept TVIS.  Not that it’s what I wanted… more because I cleaned my small port head with degreaser.  It really didn’t like that, and now all the parts that need to be smooth and shiny are all black and pitted.  Nasty.  I was pretty angry about it, but am past it now.  TVIS will be OK… although I’ve still got my eyes open for another small port.

I’m also, not using my old HKS cams.  Not sure if I will put them in later or not, but there is a decent chance I will not.  My power goals, which at one point I thought were lofty, now seem very mild and obtainable.  (Seen 500hp 4AG much?)  All I want is a very torquey 200hp, and it seems like the best way to do that, is with a small turbo and a low rev limit.  I’ve already seen how even 264 duration really wanted more than 7500rpm… and for reliabilities sake that’s about where I want to stop things.  I’m maybe better off using the stock cam and just adding boost.

So… it goes back in the car, I check if it runs and stays together at 7psi with the stock computer and more mild ignition settings and then add an intercooler (V-mount?), BOV, Megasquirt… and another 7psi??

A little scarey… it’s become a bit of a money pit and wife already wants it gone.  She’s accepting trades for ZZW30.

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3 thoughts on “Back in Black

  • sakamoto


    What was wrong with the smallport head? cannot somehow not understand from your writing. Has the degreaser something with it? Anyway nice blog you have


  • Q

    yah. The degreaser basically ate holes in it. Not sure if it could be repaired at a machine shop… I assume not easily, since the cam cradle (??) is not at all smooth anymore.

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