20V Swap Wiring Reference


I’ve seen a couple wiring how-to’s for swapping 20V into AE86.  They may or may not be useful for others, but given the modified state of my harness when I got it, as well as my swap from AE101 to AE111 ECU, I have found them all lacking in some form.  As I result I’m forced to figure a lot out on my own.  Not a big deal for me… almost enjoyable.  My angle grinder and safety glasses need a rest anyways.

This is not a how to, but rather a collection of references/images/documents that I have found useful in my swap.  Perhaps you might also find them useful.  If not, this post is at least a convenient place where I can visit on my phone, when I am otherwise offline in the isolation of my barn.


This is for AE101, but the AE111 diagram is very very similar.  Nice to see all the connectors as well.  All the colors are in kanji… which at least helps those who read Chinese if not Japanese.


This for AE111, and is detailed further in the files below.


AE111 4AGE Manual – Fuel Injection Chapter
Electrical Wiring Diagram (AE86 1986 USDM)
ECU Pinout Comparison: AE111-AE101-AE86

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