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Hail to AE86 owners everywhere. Props to Dori-Kaze. I’ve been spoiled by what must be the greatest auto community in the whole world, and now I’m entering into what may be the worst. All-Trac forums make me ashamed of my new car. I’d probably have better luck finding shift linkage part numbers, or rear strut dimensions for ST185H on an AE86 board.

There are seemingly hundreds of guys who drive All-tracs with clutches that don’t disengage, because there are at least that many posts about clutches not fully disengaging and no with a real solutions every offered. Everyone says 3″ exhaust is impossible to fit. My car is a miracle car in that respect. The best solution for upgraded rear dampers involves extending the rear housing two inches. EXTENDING!! One guy has thirteen posts about possible front LSD’s and active center differentials, but then asks in other post “where the clutch gets it’s fluid from”!?

Heh!? And the worst part is that this apparently normal and good. It’s absolutely true that to a lot of people, a good car life means looking at 78 pages of rear spoilers and masturbating when Xtrac transmissions appear on for 20000 pounds. I don’t get why nobody has done anything though? I mean, this is a good car. It’s a lot of fun to drive, and appears to have tonnes of potential to perform and provide a great driving experience. Has there been no one along the way that took the time to figure out a rear suspension solution that doesn’t cut available travel in half even before lowering? Or have there been lots of guys who did and they were just shunned and outcast when they showed everyone who just spent $1000 on too long KYB AGX, that they didn’t need to drive around on their bump stops.

I guess I’m on my way out then too. Special thanks to Migs, Mac Dale, Moto-P, Yasin and all the other homies who started in the late nineties and made the AE86 scene what it is today. Let’s get on this FR-S thing and put it in the right direction now.

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One thought on “Kick It People Six

  • randedge

    The drivetrain combinations for Evo 1,2,3’s are near endless. Well, maybe not endless, but they are only limited by your ability to implement them. Front LSD? 1 way, 2 way clutch, factory viscous or Torsen are choices. Center Diff? Upgrade the viscous coupler to Ralliart, change the actual diff to a Cusco 35:65, an ATS clutch, a Kaaz Clutch type. Rear Diff? Same choices as the front. I’ve actually settled on my fantasy setup: Torsen front, Cusco Center, 2 way in the rear. Should make for Makinen-esque power oversteer. Problem is… well you know.