Team Tuna 1

tuna1Masaharu sent me this HORRIBLE video and details of his recent escapades. I played it in the background, enjoying only the first 30seconds mostly. It’s easy to forget how haggard and hard guys over there. And it’s easy to forget that although AE86 doesn’t dominate competition, it still dominates the streets.

This rivet trend is OK I guess.  I probably rank it somewhere below bare metal hoods and above inside out wheels which means you’ll probably never find it on any of my cars as long as I have a two arms and legs.

tuna2A full squardron of cars like it is something though.  Looking forward to running the touge with these guy in a few weeks.

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One thought on “Team Tuna

  • randedge

    I’d rock it, you know it. In fact, I almost did with the MR2.

    However, I decided against it when I discovered that Crown Surplus did not have the specific armaments I was looking for. Apparently two 7.7mm Type 97 machineguns and two 20m Type 99 autocannons are a bit much. And even if they could be sourced, they’d have to be non functional. Pfft.. ya right. It’s no fun if I can’t strafe pedestrians.