Times Two 3

20120109-162538.jpgAgain. I have rad friends. After a day of watching drifting yesterday, Masaharu felt sorry enough for me that he has donated a car.


Masaharu is a baller. Probably the best driver of thirty yesterday. He balances the fact that his speed makes other drivers crash, by putting out fires and fixing other people’s cars and he’s so enthusiastic about it all it rubs off on everyone.

Just another reason to live in Japan

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3 thoughts on “Times Two

  • Vickers

    he just GAVE you a hachi??

    man even here, where corollas are plentiful. Nobody just GIVES you a hachi.

    That’s sweet! Live in it!

  • Q

    Shame I’m planning on leaving soon. It’s a reason to keep looking for work and come back though. AE86 is not really a rare thing. Enough people have loved them over the past 25 years that I still see good examples every time I leave the house. The local generic used car lot has two for sale… At prices that no one in North America other than myself would ever pay.

    MA60, ST165, AW11?? I have yet to see any.

  • Paulcorolla

    Is that a jdm front bumper?!
    That’s pretty rad of him, are you going to get to drive at one or two track/drift days before your visit is over?
    My girlfreind Jen liked the shoulder hight door picture.