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Modern punctuation and grammar. Do you get it? You obviously get it. Yes, I know I use “…” inappropriately. Yes, I know globalism isn’t in the dictionary… but you know exactly what I mean don’t you? Or are you really so far OTB, that you sit there with your dictionary trying to tear this all apart word by word? Maybe you are… Move on… this isn’t the place to learn English.

The nice thing about our language, is that so often, we can just throw a bunch of words together, and the gist of it is still clear as can be. We don’t have to write every word to make sentence clear. We don’t even have to spell these words correct1y. It’s nice that your passionate about letters and commas, it’s nice that your a perfectionist… but really it’s just some elitist ploy to keep those of us who are different and thoughtful down.

It’s an unadvisable tactic… and one I even take part in from time to time. I hope it’s funnier when I do it.

That said, there are lots of mistakes on this website. I don’t really proof read anything. But lots of the things you call mistakes are really just me breaking the rules on purpose. I’m lazy. I have fun. Try it. If ESL students and High School drop outs can figure it out, I’m sure you, with your Masters in English can figure it out too.

And since you seemed to have missed it the first time… Welcome to the Internet.

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