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I hate to hate, especially when someone is trying to do something good.  This NRCA/RCA thing has been going on way too long, and as someone who sits on the low side of the fence I often get annoyed.  You won’t however, see me telling all you RCA users that adding negative camber by increasing KPI has lots of negative affects on dynamic camber and weight jacking for positive steering angles.  And you won’t see me telling all you guys running low offset wheels that doing so “significantly worsens what’s known as scrub radius correction.” Or is it “scrub radius angle“?? [dummies forum reference here]

It’s true that you RCA guys have a valid point about scrub radius, but there’s a really freaking easy way to use NRCA’s and correct that: throw your 7J -9 Rewinds in the garbage, and get some 7J +20 instead.  Of course, you won’t see me telling anyone these things, because high KPI and sometimes even relatively large scrub radius has it’s applications… and OMG, how would anyone ever find a girl to wrestle with while running +20?

Instead of writing shit about the credibility of vendors selling certain parts, why not write a credible article where you could begin by at least DEFINING ROLL CENTER PROPERLY… and not just spouting shit that some dudes on a forum decided.  If you understood that KPI plays a critical role in defining the roll center, this might also help you to understand the positive attribute of NRCA’s.  No, it’s not just the angle of the lower control arm.

No wonder magazines are dead everywhere except Japan.

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5 thoughts on “Talking To Talk

  • Nigel

    Just talk about the cars.
    (There are only a few good mag’s left, it is true).
    True car guys do know when to “change the channel”.

  • Paulcorolla

    The roll center explanation in that little article was definitely lacking.
    Extremely simplified and maybe not fully understood by the author to begin with?

    That being said, I hope he continues with the zine and gets some cool articles going, and maybe a completed car to spotlight!
    I was Hoping to glean some beams info. No luck

  • Q

    I’m not slamming the mag… I’ll keep buying with hopes that it improves. With senior friendly text size and gobs of blank space I would have thought it would have paid to go crazy in depth everywhere. I’ll wait a little before I forward it to friends in Japan.

    In an AE86 specific mag, I would have liked to see some actual measured roll center heights and “scrub radius angle” in this article. Being bored as hell and old money, I would gladly re-write it all with my own personal bias included… but I don’t really feel like giving back to anyone. I’d rather just do what makes me feel good and shit on everything else.

  • Vickers

    this is why nobody writes shit on ae86 anymore. It’s been done to death, and people who care about it already know.

    But i guess the people who already know read it. Because…?