Dandruff 2

backOh look who’s back. Although it never actually left anywhere except my mind. After twice taking deposits from individuals who’s eyes were bigger than their wallets I am vowing to change how I use deposits and selling cars forever. Deposits are for people who come to look at cars on Sunday evening when the banks are closed. Deposits are not for punks who live pay check to pay check and have their entire life savings tied up in other immovable projects. They are not for 17 year olds who need pop’s approval.

Do I re-list it? I never even listed it in the first place. I responded to a WANTED AD! I accepted his first offer! And then threw in a bunch of shit afterwards! Do I re-list it? I don’t think so. Maybe I try and make it a really good car…

That is simpler and more fun for the short term.
My car life is an awesome Japanese anime where all the characters get slaughtered and then come back to life.

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2 thoughts on “Dandruff

  • Q

    I’m not actually hating. I was a little baby once too. And it wouldn’t have sounded so bad if other punks weren’t also bailing on wheels and engines and other AE86 goodies left over from my collapsed kingdom. I must be a horrible seller.