Lonely In Here 1


Life with AE86 is full of company and motivation.  ST185 is a little boring and uninspired.  If there was snow on the ground 365 days a year it would be no contest, but in summer there isn’t much to do except appreciate 3SGTE output and a quiet/solid chassis.  AE86 could keep me satisfied all winter long with an endless supply of related porn.  ST185 porn is XXR wheels, FMIC’s and home depot lips… it needs to keep me entertained for the half of the year that seems like it should be most relevant.  Impossible.

I guess that’s why I’m still trying to get rid of it, and constantly fantasizing about something that I can put my old number plate on.

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One thought on “Lonely In Here

  • randedge

    I bet there’ll be a lot of community with the FRS, given its already huge following despite not being in dealers yet.