Big Like 1


I’ve got my FR-S test drive tomorrow. Here is hoping I don’t feel like this guy. The car is supposed to be friendly to tall people… we’ll see. I sat in one while in Japan, it was comfortable enough, but that was with TRD buckets.

Either way… it’s a big turning point. Where will my dreams go if it disappoints me like so many other cars? S2000, Miata, MR2 and of course Elise. You all know I’d be driving an Elise if I wasn’t ugly like Chris Bosch. 😐

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One thought on “Big Like

  • Paulcorolla

    Where are you test driving? Canada?
    They have hem in already? Shock!
    I’m interested to see what you think, as are alot of old corolla guys I’m sure.
    It still looks kinda weird to me, I just need to see a white one lowered with nice wheels tho.