A Pulse?

st185sunsetI used to get 20 or 30 spam comments a day… but I logged in today, after three or four weeks, and there were a measly four.  Even the bots know that my car life sucks.  I’ve been looking at this car with great frustration.  If you haven’t forgotten… I did sell it and have a buyer back out… TWICE.  The car must be meant for me.

I do like it in many many ways, but over the past seven months it has just been sitting and I’ve been glaring at it with regret, hoping that it would leave so I could move on to something else… namely a ZN6.  Of course, the elitest asshole car hipster part of me now wants very little to do with the car that EVERYONE thinks is cool… even if it is in fact cool.  That means that my motivation to get rid of the ST185 has lessened greatly, even if I lose my wallet every time I drive it.

The car has been expensive: bushings, brakes, shocks, springs, and clutch master have been regular maintenance items… over about 5000km driving.  I’ve been relatively economical with my fixes, and that’s why I was surprised to discover on a recent drive, that this car is actually fun now.  The alignment is now  aggressive with a bit of toe out and caster and a bunch of camber.  The brakes aren’t half seized and dragging everywhere.  The car actually feels fast and gets better fuel economy.  Stiffer springs mean my mudflaps don’t scrape everywhere even with a small drop, and it corners flat and gives me some feedback.

That said, the wife and I are taking it out of town this weekend, and if it fails me I’ll still likely push it off a cliff.  If it flies, I’ll keep spending money.

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