Emergency Landing

waterI came back with a to do list… the car is fast and fun in corners, but very much out of line on the highway.  The power and torque are there, but due to my alignment and aggressive fitment is horribly unfriendly over bumps, uneven pavement and standing water.  This is the first time ever that I’m going to have to do something about scrub radius and alignment for the sake of drivability.  I’m not sure what I’ll do for shoes, but am currently looking at some 15×9’s which I might cover with some 225/45’s.  I’ll have to more properly fill those gigantic fenders with width and not offset.

Also in the drivability department, while I have good headroom and am quite comfortable when sitting I’ve finally realized that the shape of the greenhouse does not allow me to drive this car as comfortably as I thought.  To this point, I’ve confused this with the problem of sitting on the right hand side of the car.  It has often felt very awkward and unweildly, and I now think it’s a matter of having to crane and contort my neck awkwardly at times.  My view would drastically improve if I could sit two or three inches lower.  Here come some fixed buckets… and this is getting expensive.

Then what? Wind noise is a little excessive at highway speeds.  It’d be nice to fix that, but then on the other hand I still want to ditch the AC, and I ran that full blast all the way out on Saturday morning. I’m not used to this compromise stuff.  Hard to draw a line…

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