Hella Flush – Plain Ass Seat Edition


I said in an earlier post that my WRX has on paper, one inch less head room than other model Impreza’s.  STI’s have different bucket seats, and wagons are taller.  This is the most comfortable stock car that I’ve ever owned, but my seating position does need to be adjusted somewhat when I put a helmet on.  It hasn’t been overly troublesome so far, but inspecting the stock mounts/rails reveals that the seat can easily be lowered a couple of centimeters.


Here are the rear seat mounts in stock form.  The outer one is elevated off the floor with a Z shaped bracket, and the inner one bolts to the side of the transmission tunnel.  Cut and weld, hammer and drill and…


… voila…  more headroom and a better view for tall drivers.  The cut and weld on the outer side was super simple and easy, but a little bit of thought and planning was required for the inside.  In the before picture you’ll notice a tab on the mount that sits flush on the floor of the car to help set the height without the bolt in place.  That tab, needs to be cut appropriately.  I also needed to cut a slit next to the new hole to allow me to bend the mount flat so the new hole sits flush to the tunnel.  After bending, that slit take a triangular shape which I filled with a welded in scrap of steel.  From seat out to seat in, took me about  2 hours.

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