It’s A Chop.


Bridgestone LOG Fin’s anyone? I’m shopping hard for some winter shoes… and am constantly frustrated by what’s available.  No one on any message board even thinks of putting 16’s on their GD.  I want to step down to 15’s.  There’s also mad conflicting information about fitment issues with 4-pot brakes.  Some say that most 16″ wheels won’t even fit… others say that only race specific wheels like Enkei ES-Gravel’s will clear, but the more I look into it, it seems any 15 with appropriate spoke shape will fit.  I.E. 4-pot clearance isn’t about diameter, but lateral clearance from the caliper.

Not sure I’m willing to gamble my deduction on some high dollar Hart’s or custom PCD Hayashi Street’s…

I do want 15’s quite badly though.  In 16″ diameter the narrowest studdable DOT winter tire I can find is 205mm.  With 15’s, it’s 175mm.  Big diff.  Or I could just stick to 16’s and buy myself some non DOT Dmack’s in 145/80…

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