Tight Fit 4


These arrived. If you need a refresh, they are Speedline Acropoli sized 15 6.5J +35 that I found on yahoo auction for a measely 8000円.  Lots of Subaru guys make claim that some 16’s won’t even clear 4 pot calipers, and when looking at my Watanabe’s, that might seem true. The Wat’s fit tight, with only a couple of mm clearance. I was very skeptical that the smaller Speedline’s would fit.


Yet they do.

Adding to the cool factor of these is a greenish gold colour that looks pretty righteous under WRB, and makes my Wat’s feel very boring. Another surprise was that they are made of magnesium…. not that they are light, but they are clearly stamped “Mg” on the back. As competition rally wheels, they are quite heavy… but I’ll deal.


Next is tire shopping. Do I go for some non-DOT, WRC-spec Dmack’s? or some 175 width DOT’s with massive studs? What wonderful choices I have! Bless you Speedline and Yahoo Auctions!

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4 thoughts on “Tight Fit

  • randedge

    Very cool!

    How big are your rotors?

    (or failing that, I could find out if you let me know what year of WRX they came from).


  • GrantC

    Those are gorgeous! It’s impressive the clearances that wheel designers can manage when they’re working around a _known_ set of brake calipers, eh?

    The weight isn’t that surprising, rally wheels have the “strength vs. weight” tradeoff far in the direction of “to finish first you must first finish”… Also, ditch/gutter hooking shouldn’t be a problem for them. 😉


  • Q

    Rotors are 294x24mm. Not so big. Just stock size… I believe they’re even shared with the base model Impreza.

    I should put the wheels on a scale… but I’m sort of afraid. They might be like 9.0kg. :X I’ll have to do some banzai driving if I’m going to feel great about it.