Nan – Demo Rubber + Bolts = X 2


I hate how pretty much everything that happens here happens on ice… but that’s Canada I guess. Matt over at FixBroke showed up with these for his GF8 on the weekend. Pretty serious.

Maybe the only reason I haven’t done this myself is because I don’t want to fight with inner tubes and UHMW liners… but Matt got by with conventional filling plus SLIME. Car was fast. I might have to follow suit next year.

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2 thoughts on “Nan – Demo Rubber + Bolts = X

  • Q

    This was at an SASC School event, so not under the clock. Just a fun expirement.

    At the CSCC auto-x though… I would hope it would be illegal, but when guys are running motorcycle race studs, or plus 3 size DOT studs, I’m not sure why it really matters.