Because Zombie Apocalypse


Trucks in general are boring. They all look the same. They all have basically the same engines, the same options, and they are all everywhere. I needed a truck though… so here I am.

Mine at least, has a bling bling grill. It’s a great deterrent for all those yuppie jerks driving 3 series BMW’s or AMG Mercedes, who would otherwise cut me off and slam on their brakes. That ghetto shine however, forces them to consider that I might be another coked up rig pig with a suspended licence and expired insurance. It grants me a nice safety cushion… unless there are other rig trucks in the vicinity. The real coked up rig pigs seem to want to run me off the road… or maybe they’re just trying to check if their tires and lifts are bigger than mine…


In that regard at least, my truck is all stock. Still pretty huge, but stock. A month ago I didn’t know what a Power Wagon was, but I did know and want a Ford Raptor. I bought a truck to make money, not made money to buy a truck though… the Raptor is too expensive. The Power Wagon, seemed like a more affordable truck with comparable intentions.

  • The stock tires are 33″ diameter.
  • The truck sits 2″ (really that’s only 2″1?!?!) higher on some long travel Bilsteins.
  • All three differentials are lockable, but the back features a torsen type differential for some extra help all the time.
  • There is a 12000lb winch featuring the Warn and Dodge name behind the front bumper.
  • The massive front sway bar features an in cabin electronic disconnect
  • Skid bars and skid plates everywhere
  • Unique wheels that offer stronger bead seating at low pressures (heh!?)
  • Extra HD alternator and battery

Even if the zombie apocalypse never comes, all those extra features at least make me feel something for my truck.  One week in, I do like it.  The WRX hasn’t moved.  I do wish it was a little lower… almost more than I DON’T WANT TO MODIFY IT AT ALL!  Except for the grill of course…

I hope you never see it here again… except maybe tugging an 800kg race car to and from BMR.

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