And Then I Decided Not To Order RPF1’s 2


RPF1’s are actually AWESOME wheels… but I counted seven full sets out of forty something cars at auto-x on Sunday. There are only so many ways to keep a stock class car interesting, and I think this would be my first set of XR-4’s…

Now to find some MKII’s… and a way for me to spend all my money on yahoo without my in-laws knowing…

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2 thoughts on “And Then I Decided Not To Order RPF1’s

  • Q

    Seller thought 11kg… so yah, not light at all. Kyusha SSR’s are typically not light, but that’s about two RPF1’s per XR4. I abandoned ship… am searching for something else. At least the Watanabe’s are under 6kg.

    The demo is pretty awesome, but no those wheels are not available for purchase… at least not on my budget.