My Car Life Is Excite 2


… But my car life website is the boring.

The About page of this website has a line that reads, “This is someone else’s QuickR car life, and my busted ass family hauling, wife taxed and deprecated Canadian car life.” It’s something that I wrote a couple years ago, and something that oddly grows more true today. The problem is, that it’s a fine line I’m walking… somewhere… between hopeless dreamer and professional auto enthusiast. Moving towards the latter has kept a lot of my activity off the internet… but that obviously needs to change, as many of you have piled on in the last few weeks. “Hurry up and take your car apart already!” “Oil? You’re writing about oil!?”

The truths about my FRS are as follows: (1) I bought the car to focus on my driving, (2) I bought the car so I could focus on other people’s projects.

The FRS will remain stock… but I am wrenching as much as ever. I’ve also had new driving/instructing opportunities, and a few eye opening experiences in that regard… but struggle finding a way to communicate them here. I am not a big deal. The people that I have had the chance to work with and meet have been humble, but they have humbled me, and I fear over-exuberance with my new audience.

Be sure though, that my car life rocks. I thought picking my dreams back up would have to wait until the kids were out of the house… but it’s never been better. And winter isn’t even here yet!


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2 thoughts on “My Car Life Is Excite

  • Paul

    That’s good to hear, I wish I could have a car that I don’t want to work on.
    Every car I could see myself owning, my first thoughts are, cut this, weld that. And I already have a car that has pretty much taken over my life. For better or for worse, it never ends. at least even if my car may have a bit of internet celebrity, I am still completely anonymous even here in Calgary.