Still Trucking 2


You forgot this thing was here, and I’m embarrassed to say that I’m quite smitten with it. It has certainly been a Dodge… meaning little annoying things break all the time, and it constantly threatens to blow up it’s transmission, but it is cheap, gets beat on and is incredibly practical.

It’s also hilarious on snowy roads. Holding massive angle is super easy, but if you do get in trouble, it’s easy to just reach down and slam it into 4WD to pull out Subaru style. And if that fails…

I actually just played with the full lock for the first time yesterday… feels like invincibility if all you need to do is crawl out of the ditch.


For tires I am running General Grabber AT2’s. All Terrain tires are not winter tires, but these one do happen to have snowflakes on the sidewalls. With studs fitted, I do appear to have more grip than most other things on the road… maybe it’s just my incredible driving skills, or maybe the few sipes that the tires have actually do help. It’s certainly not my WRX, though it will get the job done. And as much as I was a terror in the Subaru, I’ll just be tip toeing around in the truck. It does weigh almost 7000lbs!!

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2 thoughts on “Still Trucking

  • Q

    They are studdable out of the box, although the studs are only placed on the shoulders. When it got down to -25ish this week, I started to notice that they aren’t all THAT good, and wondered if I should have bought the Articmax instead. That and the Winterforce are the only 33″ options I could find.

    Neither of those have the load rating I desire though, and neither would last very long through the summer… and when tires are $300 plus each…

    … Well I guess I’m not THAT smitten with it.